100x Project // Part One

Since January, I have been working on a photography project as a member of a Flickr group, 100x: The 2020 Edition. The description from the group’s page:

At the beginning of 2020, choose a major theme (your “x”), and post 100 images that fit that theme throughout the year…

I learned of the 100x: 2019 Edition in November from a photographer I follow, who happens to be the group Admin. I liked the idea of working on a project to jump start my photography this year. It took me awhile to pick my theme, The things I see walking to and from work, but I was ready to go on January 2nd.

Then in March, I was forced to drive to a new work site as a Disaster Service Worker when the Shelter at Home order for COVID-19 went into effect in San Luis Obispo County. I thought this might be the end of my project.

After a few weeks, I decided to slightly alter my theme to The things I would have seen walking to and from work if not for COVID-19. This allowed me to continue on.

I will periodically post groups of images going forward or you can see them as they go up on Flickr in my album. Click on the photographs to see the full-size images at Flickr.

001x / Start of walk to work
002x / 460 For Sale
003x / Gennaro's
004x / Formerly Fosters Freeze
005x / Shop window
006x / Seen I
007x / Seen II
008x / The Penny
009x / View from above
010x / Warden Block

COVID-19 Diary // No. 5

Photo of Cal Poly Multi Activity Center
Cal Poly Multi Activity Center is the home of CPACS.

San Luis Obispo County is beginning to open up for business again. I am still working at the Cal Poly Alternate Care Site (CPACS) to help keep everything ready. It will be held in place throughout the Summer or longer in case a second wave of the virus overwhelms the local hospitals.

The library is preparing to offer curbside service for picking up materials beginning on June 2nd. I will be there for the first day, but then back to CPACS to rearrange everything in the warehouse as more supplies are in bound from other County warehouses.

My hope is that things are not moving too fast and we do not see a spike in people getting COVID-19.

COVID-19 Diary // No. 1

Photo of a San Luis Obispo, California  residential area and hills with 5 turkey vultures flying in the cloudy sky.

Friday was the day for the local government to visibly act on COVID-19 with the public health emergency declaration. Earlier in the week the County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Agency seemed to be taking a cautious approach, probably meant to avert panic, that did not reflect the urgency of social distancing other health experts were communicating. Still, even that morning the emphasis on no local cases meant the County did not order schools closed. Closure decisions were left to the individual school districts, which one after another they made to do so during the afternoon. Going to the grocery store on Friday night found many empty shelves, but we were able to mostly do the weekly shopping.

Photo of a San Luis Obispo, California  residential area, the train station, Cerro San Luis, and Bishop Peak.

Saturday brought the first confirmed San Luis Obispo County COVID-19 case, which was followed on Sunday with the second. Both are believed to be community spread and unconnected to one another. This fact makes the seemingly sanguine response projected by the County earlier seem short sighted.

On Sunday, J and I went for a long walk in the on again, off again rain. It was nice to get out of the house.

Today, J went to work to begin planning to teach her students online. After working Saturday, it is my weekend day. I wait at home for word from the County if the Library is to join the City of San Luis Obispo government office closures and/or if I am to go to work tomorrow.

Photo of reflection in a puddle of tree limbs and metal bridge supports.