COVID-19 Diary // No. 2

Strange days. Now 42 cases in the County. I am a local government employee, and we are all now Disaster Service Workers. DSW jobs have kept me busy. No photos today, just memories from last few days…

Sunday, 22 March

Homeless Warming Center

At night standing in rain while young woman refused to put on the required to enter face mask. The director was soothing and talked her into it, but she left into the wet, muttering about how crazy it was 20 minutes later.

Dark, cold, pouring rain, standing out in it, waiting for more people to arrive to get a meal and a warm bed, watching a hawk sit on a power pole for 15 minutes before flying away. Felt alone when she left.

  • Disinfected cots
  • Checked people in

Monday, 23 March

Homeless Shelter

Clients not interested in social distancing despite being encouraged to do so. Staff feeling COVID-19 cases inevitable. They have isolation rooms ready for when suspected cases show up. The dedicated staff is upbeat, confident in their plan, but realistic about what lies ahead.

  • Striped and disinfected beds
  • Organized storeroom

Tuesday, 24 March

Food delivery

Utter confusion about where food was delivered for us to pickup and take to people. After an hour calling and texting, tracked it down.

Hard to find some residences in the mazes of trailer parks and apartment complexes.

Shirley calling me back to thank me for bringing the food made me feel the confusion and frustration of the day was worth it.

  • Packed boxes of food
  • Delivered boxes